Bet on the Olympics with Sports Bet Montana

Bet on the Olympics with Sports Bet Montana

Montana users can now place bets on the Olympics. The Sports Bet Montana app has introduced betting lines for many different sporting events of the Olympics. 

Sports Bet Montana and Montana Lottery Communications Manager Jennifer McKee stated that they had been planning to launch Olympic betting lines for months. But then the plans had to be postponed due to uncertainty about the Olympics and the dates. 

But now, Olympic betting lines have finally appeared on the Sports Bet Montana app. McKee clarified that this did not involve a major technological development process. The trading desk which McKee uses already uses global lines, and they are also specialized in sports betting. The introduction of the Olympic betting lines just involved an expansion of the Intralot contract with their trading desk. 

Sports Bet Montana has also taken up a unique strategy. They will not only allow their users to bet on high-profile events, but some more niche events like handball have also been added. McKee stated that this is an attempt by Sports Bet Montana to reach wider demography of users. However, McKee believes that it is impossible to predict what sport or event may suddenly become popular. 

In the 500 days in total that the Sports Bet Montana app has been in application, nearly $45 million has already been wagered on different sporting events through the platform. This figure sounds even more impressive when calculating the number of days when sports betting was completely shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of this $45 million, more than $15 million has come from basketball, and $9 million is from football. But McKee is hopeful that other more uncommon sports that are part of the Olympics will also capture the fancy of Montana residents.

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