Gambling is an age-old entertaining activity dating back to the Paleolithic period. In the Mesopotamian era, at a time about 3000 BC, evidence of the existence of six-sided dice has been found. Over time as everything has evolved, so did the ways of gambling. Online crypto casinos are the most recent trend in the world of gambling.

BC. Game is a great online crypto gambling platform that was launched only two years ago. However, it has amassed immense popularity in this short span due to the platform’s superior gaming graphics, a wide range of provably fair casino game offerings, and lucrative bonuses. 

 A Quick Overview on BC.Game

BC.Game Casino
BC.Game Casino

The game was launched in 2019 as an open-source online crypto casino for gambling enthusiasts by Media Games Malta (EU). It is among the few crypto casino operators globally, which is GCF (Crypto Gambling Foundation) certified. Overall BC. Game is a highly-rated pure crypto gambling platform preferred by gamblers and gamers for its innumerable merits, excellent offerings, and guaranteed fair games. Customers aren’t complaining about this gambling platform due to its transparent operational policy. This online crypto gambling platform supports multiple significant cryptocurrencies. To know more about the best crypto gambling sites, click here!

Platform, UI & Supported Devices

BC.Game is a decentralized, open-source crypto gambling platform that leverages Ethereum smart contracts technology to provide transparency and ensure fair gameplay. This online casino is integrated with the Lightning Network to enable customers with an INSTANT bitcoin-based deposit and withdrawals facility. Clients can make instant transactions with the help of Lightning node and LNURL invoicing.

It is enabled with cross-platform support, BC. The game’s website can be accessed via a web browser with an instant play feature. There isn’t any need to download individual games or use any third-party software to launch the games—additionally, BC.Game also offers Windows & macOS compatible desktop applications along with Android and iOS compatible smartphone apps.


BC.Game is currently in the process of acquiring certain approvals but lacks a regulatory license at the moment. However, it is verified by the Crypto Gambling Platform & iTechLabs.

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 Variety of Games Offered by BC.Games

Enjoy Variety of Games at BC.Game Casino
Enjoy Variety of Games at BC.Game Casino

BC. Game offers mostly proprietary casino games based on exciting themes, although SoftGamings also designs some games. The games are also powered by immersive graphics, an impactful soundtrack, and AI. AI helps bettors automate their gaming sessions as per their choice and enables them to place their highest bets by choosing the correct cards on their behalf. This is a unique feature of BC.Game as it allows the players to code their scripts for auto-betting. 

Play games like Blackjack, Hilo, and More to Win Rewards @BC.Game Casino
Play games like Blackjack, Hilo, and More to Win Rewards @BC.Game Casino

BC. Game’s platform features 16 provably fair and unique games with a 1% house edge crypto wagering requirement. The game titles include Crash, Roulette, Baccarat, Limbo, Saviour Sword, Cave of Plunder, Keno, Keno Single, Hash Dice, Classic Dice, Blackjack, Plinko, Video Poker, Oriental Beauties, Hilo, and Wheel. However, this crypto gambling site lacks live dealer games and jackpots at the moment.

When it comes to discussing the variety of games available in BC.Game casino Cave of Plunder is the only slot machine game, but multiple table games are offered for the casino customers. 

Cave of Plunder’s design is different from the regular slots. It doesn’t have paylines; however, players can determine the number of times the bet has to run. Also, the winning symbols appear on the left side of a small video screen.

The table games collection includes Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Hash Dice, Classic Dice, Wheel, etc. Customers play against a non-human dealer known as the RNG software. This software operates fairly. iTechLabs is an independent auditor who certifies the software’s authentication, and customers can test the program for themselves to gain assurance.

 BC.Game Promotions and Bonuses

Get Best Bonus Collection at BC.Game Casino
Get Best Bonus Collection at BC.Game Casino

The below table provides a vivid look at the various incentives and bonuses offered by BC.Game.

Bonus Categories Types of Bonus & Promotions  Description
Maximum Bonus Task Bonus

Master Medal


Completion of daily tasks makes players entitled to win this reward.

Activation of the medal determines the winner.

Bonus codes add bonus points to the players balance.

Daily Bonus Roll Competition

Where is COCO?

Lucky Spin


A lucky draw determines the winner among all players participating in it between 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

COCO appears with a surprise gift on the screen every six hours and if a player is lucky to click upon it at the right conjunction point, then they can win the gift. 

Another lucky draw lets the winner win free crypto coins.

Comprises a cashback reward which is a percentage of the bets offered back to the bettors.

Lucky Prize Chat Rain Six lucky players are rewarded by a bot every six hours.
Ability Bonus King of Bonus On a monthly basis, players who deposit & spend most are rewarded with this prize depending on the cumulative monthly wager.

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 User Interface and Language

The gaming interface is well-designed, intuitive, and user-friendly.

BC.Game is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian. Apart from this, BC. Game’s webpage, live chat support, and email support are also available in Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Indonesian, Filipino, and Vietnamese.

 BC.Game Deposit and Withdrawals

Supported currencies

Accepted Currencies @BC.Game Casino
Accepted Currencies @BC.Game Casino

Being a crypto gambling platform solely, BC.Game supports more than 21 cryptocurrencies, including all major crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether, USDC, Ripple, etc.

Withdrawals & Deposits

The “My Wallet” feature allows clients to deposit and withdraw money in the form of cryptocurrencies instantly. No charges are levied upon deposits or withdrawals and BC.Game doesn’t even impose exchange fee rates upon customers. Customers don’t need to maintain any minimum deposit balance, and to process any deposit transaction, only 3 BTC confirmation is required.

 BC.Game Customer Support and Security

Customer support

BC.Game offers round-the-clock technical assistance to its customers via the live chat option. Gamblers can also connect with fellow players via BC.Game forums and also create their chat rooms. BC.Game also has a fair amount of social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, BitcoinTalk, Medium, Github, and Telegram.

Security features

Ethereum intelligent contracts grant this online gambling platform the ability to operate transparently and fairly, thereby making all transactions traceable. Hash algorithms secure transaction activities, and a two-step verification method ensures the safety of the platform and customer accounts, thus, eliminating the risks of hacking.

 Benefits of Using BC.Game

Below are the benefits of BC.Game online crypto gambling platform:

  • Provably fair games.
  • Pure cryptocurrency platform with extensive support to 21 crypto coins.
  • Fast site load speed.
  • Unique proprietary games.
  • Interactive UI & cross-platform support.
  • Verified by GCF & iTechLabs.
  • Open-source platform.

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 BC.Game FAQs

Is there a mobile app of BC.Game?

BC.Game offers cross-platform support by providing mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. 

How to know if BC.Game is available in my country?

BC.Game is accessible worldwide except being restricted in a few countries like China, the US, Dutch Caribbean Islands, Curacao, and the Netherlands.

What is the minimum deposit at BC. Game’s platform?

Well, there is no cap on the minimum deposit amount on BC. Game’s platform. BC.Game does not impose any transaction charges and exchange rate fees.


With several unique games to pick from and impressive promotional benefits to earn, players look forward to playing BC.Game. It is an easy to operate, convenient, and safe crypto casino platform. The adaptability of the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies is a big plus point. Players can interact with other players at any time on this innovative gaming platform. This online crypto casino is devised with cutting-edge technology and offers 24/7 tech support and generous bonuses. This social-centric crypto gambling platform offers fantastic games and lucrative incentives for its customers.