Your complete guide to video poker strategy

Your complete guide to video poker strategy

Playing video poker at an online casino is similar to playing a poker machine that deals with outcomes randomly. All the cards dealt during the game are randomized, while the math of video poker probability handles the rest. Video poker machines deal with the cards randomly with the probability of every hand appearing on the table, along with the paytable of individual machines that provide valuable information to the players. It is a simple mathematical or probability function that statistically determines the best play in all situations and for all draws. All the players need to do to achieve perfect play is understand the strategies for video poker and how to use them in every situation based on the probability of the game.

Most people do not know their winning odds in poker games and may wonder whether online casinos manipulate the outcomes and cheat them when they lose the game. Well, the harsh truth is that every online casino game offers an edge to the house, which is fairly small. Video poker machines are one of the first games to be introduced on casino floors, and the edge that casinos keep with them is insignificant.

In this guide, we will provide a basic guideline of how video poker works and a few strategy tips that can be used while playing these machines and earning profit from them.

What is Video Poker and How Does it Work?

Players who have been to a live casino have most certainly seen how video poker machines look like– old-looking machines with cards on the screen and a button under every virtual card. Video poker machines are similar to the Five Card Draw game, a simple variant of the classic poker game. Various video poker machines have emerged over the years, but the classic video poker game, which is also the most popular, is still Jacks or Better. 

In this game, the players are dealt five cards and can discard as many cards as they want, to replace them with new ones. Once the draw is complete, the players are paid based on the preset paytable that can differ based on the variant of Jacks or Better. It is important to note that the number and range of video poker games will vary depending on the platform you are playing. For instance, in Wild casino review, it is found that it offers 20+ video poker game options, divided into Single Hand Poker and Multi-Hand Poker.

Video Poker Strategy Tips 

A few video poker tips can help players play the best games and help their bankroll and skills go further by winning big. Here are 4 essential strategies that make all the difference while playing video poker games – 

Know the Paytables – In video poker, two hands can never be the same, so it always pays to know the pay tables. Fortunately, playing video poker online does not require players to memorize the pay tables since they are clearly displayed on the screen. 

Play Maximum Coins – Poker players must use the maximum potential winnings by hitting the Max Bet button while playing video poker online. In this way, they will be rewarded with massive prizes if they get a Royal Flush. 

Low Pair Over a High Card – If players get hold of a pair, keep them even if they have a low score. It is always recommended to hold a pair instead of running the risk of holding a single high card and winning nothing since there is a chance of chasing a potentially better-scoring hand with a low pair which the players often discard. 

Learn When to Flush or Break Up a Straight – If players get a chance to play with a Royal Flush, it is recommended that they break up a straight or flush. If this is not possible, players can stick with what they have.

Why Use Strategies for Video Poker?

Every player requires an approach, a mindset, and a complete understanding of how video poker works to boost their chances of winning. Luck plays a great deal while playing poker

Regarding online video poker, players can use a few things that affect the game’s outcome. They will certainly require luck as they need good scoring cards to win the game, but they have a say in which cards to keep and redraw and what the hand will be once they finish. They have complete control over the Five cards they deal with initially and choose what to do with them. They can keep, discard, or select a few cards to keep or discard; every decision lies with them.

This is why players need to have a good understanding of the rules and strategies of the game to know each hand’s worth as well as the worth of every card held. Note that different mindsets and decisions will have different impacts on the overall outcome of the game. For instance, if a player holds an ace and four 3s, the choices include saving the straight flush that consists of the 9 of spade through the King of spades or deciding to keep the four cards of the Royal Flush and hoping for the best when the ace is discarded.

A straight flush is a safe choice, but a royal flush can win a great fortune. This is where players require some strategies to come into play as they need to understand their winning odds in such a situation where they find themselves after every potential move. The decisions, as well as the consequences of their decisions, are something they have to accept and live with.


Video poker machines are a fun game where players get an excellent chance of winning money and challenge themselves to think strategically using a few essential poker tips to get rewards. It is obvious that poker games require a bit of luck, but the game revolves around the ability of the players to remember the strategies and stick to them when required. Note that players can come close to making profits by playing video poker online only if they apply optimal online video poker strategies, keep a cool head, and use any bonuses and promotions available on the platform. Keep practicing the game with small chips to become a master of the game quickly.

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