How to gamble anonymously with crypto?

How to gamble anonymously with crypto?

Cryptocurrency gambling has been around for a while now, but the popularity and revenue they have achieved have exploded tremendously in recent years. Many crypto gambling sites are already out there, while many new sites are popping up daily. The emergence of these crypto casinos has also led crypto adoption to shoot up dramatically among crypto gamblers.

Crypto gambling can be done the usual way. Still, it can also be done anonymously without submitting any personal information to the sites, making it a perfect way to gain quick profits as you risk your own money and other people’s as well. So if you want to gamble anonymously with cryptocurrency, below is everything you must know.

Getting Started

If you have a few coins to spare and want to invest in your gambling portfolio, it is probably best to find a gambling site that is as random as possible. Most sites will take a percentage of every single bet, so choosing one that doesn’t utilize this method dramatically increases your chances of winning. You’ll need to find out which sites use first deposit bonuses and which don’t, or else you could be wasting your time playing on one where money isn’t required!

Things You Should Be Aware of to Remain Anonymous

1) Some cryptocurrency gambling sites may require your ID to create an account, while others won’t. It’s best to find one that doesn’t require anything upfront other than your email and username! If the site asks for your phone number or address information, it’s best to move on, as it may be better for you to find a different one to play at.

2) Considering the anonymity factor, visiting multiple casinos and comparing their services is highly recommended to choose the right one for you effectively. Use one or even more popular online casino comparison platforms to help you find which websites are best for you.

3) As mentioned above, many casinos are already out there, while more are popping up daily. There is simply no surefire way to predict the best for you. Therefore, it is best to experiment with different sites until you find the one that fits your specific need best.

How to Gamble Anonymously Using Crypto?

Crypto gambling, as a concept, is exciting, but, as mentioned before, it can be challenging to find an ideal online site that caters to your needs perfectly. For example, many of the best cryptocurrency gambling sites have age restrictions of 18 and above. This is because they need your personal information, such as your ID or driver’s license, before allowing you to register for the website. The more experience you gain with gambling, the more likely you will win in the long run.

Here is What You Can Do to Remain Anonymous

Below are some additional steps you can take to ensure that no one can track your IP address or even see what type of device you’re using.

1) Use a VPN service to mask your IP address and encrypt your connection

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) will change your original IP address to another location, like the VPN server’s. This way, if anyone tries to track you, they’ll have a more challenging time. Also, any sensitive documents that may be transferred later (when downloading the casino software) are encrypted. All these things make it more difficult for anyone trying to snoop on you or steal your information.

2) Choose an online gambling site that has servers in multiple locations and uses high-quality encryption technology

This will give you a better chance of not getting hacked. Many crypto gambling sites offer this technology, but some are better. So choose wisely.

3)  Don’t use Flash or other similar applications while accessing the casino sites

They may track your device to determine if you use a computer or mobile phone, so avoid doing them.

4) Play on one of the smaller sites

This method works best if you just want to get a feel of the casinos and don’t need any money deposited into your account.


Gambling with cryptocurrency might initially appear intimidating until you become entirely familiar with it. Still, it is much safer than traditional payment methods (credit cards, checks, and bank transfers). Also, if you do not want to reveal your identity or activities, you can use crypto without a second thought once and for all. This can be helpful if you are in a country where crypto gambling is prohibited by law and can gamble online cheerfully.

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