BC.GAME comes out with SEASIDE DAYS

BC.GAME comes out with SEASIDE DAYS

BC.GAME, which is basically an online gambling platform providing an array of betting, as well as gaming opportunities, has come out with its latest list of titles. The entity is also into the offering of sports-related betting, along with casino games and live betting options. It really is a gambler’s dream come true. The latest games come under the umbrella of SEASIDE DAYS. 

Some of the titles are the Penalty Shootout, as well as the Treasure Snipes, the Hot Triple Sevens, the Hot Volcano, and Patrick’s Magic Field. Also included is Inner Fire, along with Elven Princesses, Hot Rio Nights, and Fruit Supernova. There is also the Mega Greatest Catch and Ice Mania. According to a BC.GAME Review, Cycle of Luck is yet another interesting title. 

There are certain rules laid down for the smooth functioning between the players and the games themselves. The tournament commences on the 13th of June, 2023, and finishes on the 22nd of June, 2023. The prize pool that has been kept aside amounts to 30,000 euro. It will be for the taking of the top 150 gamers. There is a base betting amount that has been set, to the tune of 0.20 euro, in the case of special Evoplay games.  

The scores will be maintained depending on the total winnings of a player in the course of the entire tournament period. Each and every winning spin is added to the gamer’s overall score. The more one is able to win, the more points he makes for himself. He also finds himself going up the winning list. In the situation of a draw, the deciding factor is who attains the score first. In the case of cash prizes, they will be deposited in the gamer’s account. The ultimate rights remain with BC.GAME.  

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